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Pattos Place is pleased to announce 2 upgrades to the waterslide decals:

The Silk Ink waterslide are now much improved with better print quality and more vibrant colours. Decal setting solution can be used with them, and they are probably more tolerant of clear finish other than the Future, but always test first on a small section. The ink is still very stretchy and can easily be pushed into place with a damp tissue over contours and details.

I have now released my new Laser Sharp waterslide range also, These feature great print quality and good colour. The colour layer is thinner than Silk Ink, bit is a bit stiffer. Decal setting solution such as Microsol can be used with these to help it over difficult curves and features. It is also more tolerant of various clear finishes. Always test a small piece of scrap first to make sure.

Please just tell me which one you want when you order. Silk Ink will be sent if you dont specify when ordering.

Customs Service in many countries have slowed considerably due to cut backs and are taking longer to release deliveries of the decals.

I highly recommend opting for International Express for Decals to avoid thes delays. Delivery is about a week with this, it is in a waterproof stiff carboard enevlope and it is fully tracked online with signature required. It costs $18 for NZ, $33 for Asia, $33 for the USA/Canada, $37 for UK/Ireland, #39 for Europe and $47 for the rest of the world.

Parcel International Express is also available - fully tracked and guaranteed. See the Orders page for pricing.

Important Note - Please provide your address whenever you order. PayPal has been leaving it off many times lately, so please give me you full mailing address when you order. Dont forget the scale as well.

Some of you will have noticed that I have been making more "wrap" type decals. These are made to fit the bodies that are available under the NEW BODIES link at left. Now you can produce a concourse winning car very easily using these and the corresponding body. The combination can also be used for static models. Just add a chassis and wheels from a cheap kit or model and fit the body with the decals. All the hard work of detailing has been done for you. You only need to paint small areas on the inside of the body where the decals dont cover. You dont have to paint the entire body. Why not try a body and decal combo today. I am sure you will like them.

Check out the reverse Peel & Stick decals too. These are ideal for my clear bodies and it protects the decals from damage during racing etc.

You can trim the decal into smaller pieces if you want to make the fitting of them easier for you.

If you dont want a full wrap type decal or you are unsure about an exact fit on your model, I can always delete the background colour. The price remains the same - I dont charge any extra for all the extra work involved. Just specify which colour(s) when ordering.

The wrap decals fit my bodies exactly as that is what they are designed for. I recommend that you have the background deleted if you are not sure of the fit on your model as it makes installing easier. Please tell me the exact colours you want when you order. I need to know this as your defintion of background and mine can differ widely.

This applies to most diecasts and other types of models as no models are identical. The details like roof flaps, etc cannot be deleted and may not line up with your models details.

The decals are all produced off accurate 1/24 blueprints and 3d models, and then mathematically scaled to the other sizes. I know that they will fit my bodies as they are fiited to them. Unfortunately not all models are as accurate. If you are unsure and want to test fit the decal to your model before ordering, please e-mail me and I can tell you how. It is simple check. I can only alter the entire sheet by the percentage you give me. There are no returns or replacements if it does not fit your model. I recommend that if you are unsure of the fit, that you have the background of the full wrap type decals deleted. Just specify which colour(s) you want deleted when ordering.

More Great News from Pattos Place

I have started making new moulds for bodies. These will be shown on the New Bodies link on the left, and will be available in 1/24, 1/32, 1/43 and 1/64 scales. I will also be making detail decal sheets for each of the cars for the ultimate in presentation

If you are after a custom T-Shirt, get in touch with my mate, Geoff Hancock at Uncle Henrys:


New, much improved Flexi Ink released!!!

Patto is pleased to announce his new "Silk Ink" decals. This new technique brings all the quality of screen printed decals to print-on-demand for the first time. They are available in both Waterslide and Peel & Stick. Silk Ink decals are tough, durable and abrasion resistant.

The whites are the most opaque and vivid available. All colours are printed on an opaque white undercoat on a clear sheet for excellent coverage of underlying surfaces. All colours and white are in perfect alignment.

They can also be printed in reverse with the white on top, so they can be applied directly to the inside of clear shells. A great benefit for slot cars and RC cars. Please ask for Reverse Decals when ordering if you want this feature.

This really is a quantum leap in decals, and still at the same price.

Please note that Future Floor Finish is the only finish that can be used on the decals. Most other finishes are too "hot"for the ink. If you want to use another finish, make sure you test it on a small piece of scrap first.

NOTE: The flexi ink on the waterslide decals develops a tack to each other when they are put in the envelope for posting. This actually helps keep them straight. To separate them, bend the decals back and forth a few times before opening the envelope. You will hear the bonds break. Make sure you flex them far enough and then separate by pulling them sideways to each other. Do not peel them apart(pull upwards) as the ink sticks in tension, but not in shear. If you feel even the slightest resistance, flex them some more and then separate them by holding the ends and pulling flat. Another way of doing a clean separation is to slide another decal or thin card between them. Failure to do this could result in damage to the decals.

The Peel & Stick are also Silk Ink printed and are fine to be used as is. If you want a gloss finish on them you can use Future Floor Finish as with the waterslide decals, but it is not necessary. Try the Peel & Stick. These are a lot better than previously available. They are thin and easily applied and disappear on the surface. Many people are changing to these from waterslide. Why dont you try and see? Virtually everyone that has tried them say they would not use waterslide again. They really are good!

Peel & Stick Instructions: Cut close to the decal, peel off the backing and push it down on the model. Work from one end and push the air out. If you get a bubble in it prick it with a pin and push the air out. To move a Peel & Stick decal around to get it into place, wet the surface where it is to go with water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid in it. When you have it in position, squeegee out the water and air, working from the centre out. A cotton glove on one hand helps a lot with this action. If you get a bubble in it, just prick it with a pin and push out the air.

Welcome to Pattos Place. I am a true scale slot and model car enthusiast after being so in the 60's, and have dedicated myself to the hobby, and to providing you with the widest range of good value products. I have now been in this business for 22 years.

Most people think that this is a big business. There is only one man at this end doing everything. I took this up full time when I was disabled and medically retired from my job as a Design & Technology teacher in 1998, to give me some purpose in life. I decided that I would help you achieve your slot and model car goals. I make very little money from this, and never intend to. My aim is to help you in this wonderful hobby.

I make all the decals and bodies to order each week. If you get your order to me by Wednesday 6am Sydney Australian time (Tuesday in Europe & USA), I mail it on the Wednesday (or Thursday or Friday if it is a big week). Orders received after this will be sent the following week on the Wednesday or Thursday/Friday - Australian time. If you need many colour deletions from sheets, I need those orders to me by the weekend at the latest as it is time comsuming to do and I dont have the time on printing days. Please check the Ordering Page for options on delivery to all parts of the world.

I am sorry, but I do not make custom decals, partials, alterations, revisions or requests. I simply do not have enough time for this. I am too busy making new decals for you! I will consider it if you fully supply the artwork in Illustrator or Corel Draw format and it is an interesting real car that other people will want to buy i.e. no personalised cars. I can do simple colour changes and/or delete background colours from decals. Just specify when ordering.

I am now making all my decal range in Peel & Stick Vinyl as an option as well as the waterslide decals. In addition I am offering 1/10 and 1/12 scale decals in this Peel & Stick for Radio Control models. Please let me know if you want Peel & Stick decals when you order. I will assume you want waterslide decals unless you ask for the vinyl Peel & Stick. The 1/12 and 1/10 scale Peel and Stick is the default medium.

Patto has released the Little Ripper motor. This is a motor with Cheetah performance, but the drivability of a Fox. Better brakes, bigger cooling slots and better brush gear. All this and it is cheaper too! Just $9.00 Aust . This is a direct replacement for the Cheetah and other similar motors.


For maintenance and setup details click here


If you want chassis, motors, wheels, wheel inserts, tyres, axles, gears, slot guides and other parts to make a scratchbuilt project or to take Pattos bodies or plastic kits, click on the Chassis and other Parts links.

The Decals link will take you to a listing of all the decals I have on offer. They are all available in all scales. Click on the underlined scales here to see a low resolution picture of the decals. Of course, owing to the limitations of the web, the real items look much better than this.

The Bodies links take you to a listing of clear bodies that I make to order. I have over 1200 moulds of all sorts of cars, most of them being true scale. Those that are not are marked appropriately. As far as I know this is the largest selection on offer in the world. Some of the models here are unavailable anywhere else.

The Painting link offers advice on how to get the best results when painting the clear bodies, and some advice on minor repairs.

The Gallery link takes you to a listing of pictures of my cars, and of others that have worked with my bodies and decals. Be sure to check this link out.

The Ordering link gives you the details of contacting me if you wish to order any of the fine array of goodies I have on offer.

The E-mail link is if you wish to contact me. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions.

Please check back often as I am constantly updating and adding to the lists.