The Little Ripper motor will give hours of high performance use if you follow these simple steps:


1. Place a drop of light oil on each bearing in the can before each use. No more than a drop or you will over oil the motor and cause shorts

2. It is essential to "run in" the Ripper before any use. It comes with a small commutator and brushes that are not bedded in. If you try to run at competition speed before running in it will cause over-arcing and poor, inconsistent perfomance. To run the motor in, oil it and run it at very low speed for about 10 minutes. Then increase the speed to about 1/4 maximun for another 10 minutes.

3. Plan a gear ratio of at least 4:1. Any less than this and the motor will not operate in its power range and will overheat. This can lead to poor performance and even premature failure. The Little Ripper is a high revving motor (37 000 rpm) and likes to be able to rev.

4. Make sure nothing is binding or gear mesh is too tight when installing. Everything should turn easily by hand.

5. Ensure the motor is kept clean of any oil or dust. Give it a quick blow out every now and then - the big cooling slots make this easy.

6. Avoid soldering the can if possible. This can effect on the magnets because of the heat. I use a good full strength epoxy glue or Automotive Silicone glue (Sikaflex) instead of solder.

7. Avoid soldering on the pinion - use something like Loctite Shaft Fit instead. This can help preserve the motor by keepng excess heat out of it.


Follow these simple steps and the Little Ripper will give a long, consistently high performance. In local racing we have been using them for over 8 months of consistent running with no problems and no degradation in performance. They are a great little motor and very close in performance.