COSTS: (Australian Residents must add 10% GST).

RTR Cars and Parts Please see the links for various prices

DECALS Please see separate list for prices

1/32 SCALE CLEAR BODIES $6.00 Australian

1/24 SCALE CLEAR BODIES $9.00 Australian

Please choose carefully. As all bodies and decals are custom made to order they are not returnable.

Waterslide decals will always be sent by default unless you specify Peel & Stick

All other parts can only be returned if they are in there original packing and undamaged. No refunds are given, only credit on different items to the same value.

Whilst every effort is made to make the colour of the decals as accurate as possible, there are some limitations in the CMYK printing system. No claim for return or replacement will be recognised if you do not like the colour. Flouro colours are not possible with CMYK colours.

The decals are all produced off accurate 1/24 blueprints and 3d models, and then mathematically scaled to the other sizes. I know that they will fit my bodies as they are fiited to them. Unfortunately not all models are as accurate. If you are unsure and want to test fit the decal to your model before ordering, please e-mail me and I can tell you how. It is simple check. I can only alter the entire sheet by the percentage you give me. There are no returns or replacements if it does not fit your model. I recommend that if you are unsure of the fit, that you have the background of the full wrap type decals deleted. Just specify which colour(s) you want deleted when ordering.

Bodies are moulded in 0.5mm(20 thou) crystal clear PETG- better than Polycarbonate-

(tougher and more flexible; it also moulds better for those difficult undercuts).


1/32 and Small 1/24 - $2.00 Australian

Large 1/24 - $4.00 Australian

Interiors moulded in 0.5mm PETG


I will send items Air Mail by default unless you specify otherwise.

AIR MAIL - delivery about 21 days usually; Can take up to 8 weeks.(Aussie Dollars)
No tracking number or compensation for loss is offered on this option. This a cheap and no frills option.

  • Decals - $10 USA or $10 UK/Europe/ROW
    Australia Prices - $2.40 or $3.40
  • Bodies/Parts up to 0.5kg, $19 NZ, $23 Asia, $25.00 USA/Canada, $31.00 to UK/Ireland, $36 ROW;
  • 0.5-1kg $25 NZ, $35 Asia, $38.00 USA/Canada, $44.00 UK/Ireland, $53 ROW;
  • 1kg-1.5kg $31 NZ, $47 Asia, $51.00 USA/Canada, $57.00 UK/Ireland, $69 ROW;
  • etc
  • Australian Parcel prices are $11.00 for up to 500g, $14 0.5-1kg, $17 1-1.5kg;
    Registered Delivery add $5.
  • A5 size plastic envelopes are avaialble at $1 extra.

    Tracking Number issued and full online tracking. This method is the best and fastest method and is highly recommended and guaranteed. Delivery is normally 1 week or less.
  • Decals - A4 size -
    New Zealand $31
    Asia $34
    USA/Canada $36
    UK/Ireland/Europe $42
    ROW $47
    Tracking Number issued and full online tracking. This method is the best and fastest method and is highly recommended and guaranteed. Delivery is normally 1 week or less.

    Add $15 to Air Mail prices.

    Tracking Number issued. Online Tracking. Guaranteed Delivery.
  • Australia - $8.00 for A5 size, $9.00 for A4 size

  • I will not be responsible for any lost or damaged articles if they are not sent by International Express for International or Registered/Express for Australia.


    -Please include Name on card, Card Number, Expiry Date and Address of card if different from the mailing address.

    PayPal. You must obtain a PayPal request from me before using this method. Just send me your order and I will send you a PayPal request in Aussie dollars. You simply pay that and PayPal does any conversion for you during the transaction - simple!

    For orders

    E-mail: pattosplace@optusnet.com.au or patto@pattosplace.com or pattosplace@gmail.com

    I reserve the right to alter prices without notification.

    P.S. I am constantly adding to the lists - keep checking my website.